Show Decorating

By Palm Beach Show Group

The Palm Beach Show Group is the leading full-service show production company in the nation, specializing in world-class fine art, jewelry, and antiques shows. Providing an unparalleled experience for exhibitors and attendees at each and every show, The Palm Beach Show Group currently produces eight of the industries’ most anticipated events, known for their diverse roster of top international dealers, exceptional merchandise and elegant décor.

Presenting preeminent exhibitors showcasing their impressive collections in cities such as Los Angles, New York City, Baltimore, Palm Beach and Naples – Palm Beach Show Group shows attract top collectors and fine art, antique and jewelry aficionados that travel from all of the world to attend. With carefully cultivated exhibitor relationships, The Palm Beach Show Group continues to cater to both seasoned and new collectors – offering them the opportunity to attend unique events, connect with industry experts, and shop for the unique, the rare and the one-of-a-kind.

Operating from a 50,000 square foot facility in Riviera Beach, FL the Palm Beach Show Group owns a sophisticated hard wall exhibition system, in addition to their equipment and supplies. The Palm Beach Show Group produces every show in-house, from marketing and advertising materials, to technical booth floor plans, and even décor for the design of the shows.

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